Mike Shepherd

When Brave Men Shudder: The Scottish Origins of Dracula

Introduction by Dacre Stoker.

Gripped by the demon of inspiration, he entered into the mind of the infamous Count Dracula…

The year: 1895. The place: a remote Scottish fishing village. Bram Stoker is feverishly penning his cadaverous tale of vampire horror as his family look on aghast. Everything was conspiring to produce those words of gore… everything. What were the supernatural influences he found in the village? Who was the mystic poet who dominated his restless thoughts? Why was the pagan world trying to communicate with him? 

Family memories, maps, photographs and newly-opened archives provide the untold story of how Dracula came to be written. Long untold and now never to be forgotten, this is the tale of a book that shocked the world, a book that would make the brave shudder…

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