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Richard Ayre

Richard Ayre hails from Northumberland and now lives in Newcastle upon Tyne. Point of Contact is his second novel. His first, Minstrel’s Bargain is a tale that mixes ancient evil and heavy metal music. Set in 1980’s Tyneside, it is the first of a planned trilogy featuring the demon Minstrel. He has also written several short stories for books and magazines. Richard teaches History as a day job and, in his spare time, he enjoys riding around the Northumbrian countryside on his motorbike, Flo.

You can find out more and contact Richard at http://richardayre1.wix.com/richard-ayre-author

Point of ContactPoint of Contact

In the city of Newcastle, people are dying. And not through natural causes. Something is burning them. Turning them to ashes, seemingly in an instant. Tasked with investigating these deaths, fire expert Ian Fenwick finds himself drawn into the murky world of a man known only as William. A man with seemingly limitless powers. A man hell bent on changing the world into an environment fit only for his strange and terrifying allies; the Visitors. With time running out, Fenwick must stop William from carrying out his mission. Before he can instigate an apocalypse that will consume the entire planet.

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