Wild Wolf was set up by a group of like-minded individuals headed, up by Rod Glenn, who share a passion for the darker side of fiction, be it contemporary thriller, science fiction, or fantasy.

Rod allowed his first novel, The King of America to be Wild Wolf’s inaugural and guinea pig title. After shamelessly using that publication to iron out Wild Wolf’s publishing processes, Wild Wolf then started to accept dark and edgy fiction from exciting new and up and coming authors.

Our team is small, but dedicated and we have high hopes to take our unique blend of dark fiction to a wider audience across the globe.

Rod Glenn – Submissions, Reader, Editor, PR and makes the tea

Ed Wolf – Editor

Paul Anderson – Submissions & PR

Tony Wright – Reader & PR

Debbie Heffernan – Reader & Editor

Roz Wilson – Reader & Editor

Laura Harvey – Reader & Editor

Peter Fussey – Cover & Marketing Materials Designer

Poppet – Cover Designer

Monique Lomino – Reader