With the release of the much anticipated sequel to The Adventures of Charlie Smithers, Adventures in India has been getting a great deal of attention and picked up some fantastic reviews.

Here’s just one of the great reviews so far for Adventures in India

I was there, an unlikely observer as Charlie denied his affection for the great grey beast Radha. When they saved Madam Pirali, I was biting a finger nail.

This is truly a wonderful work of historical fiction as Eden crosses the inhospitable frontiers of India into Bhutan with a dwindling crew of coolies and a handful of British soldiers. His mission, to parley with the leaders of a new governmental body brought about by a recent civil uprising in an attempt to stop a British intervention/war. This will bring about every conceivable emotion there is to be had from the reader which is exactly what an author hopes for when writing a book.

As always there is a woman; a special woman, a woman who causes our heroic Charlie many a moment of anguish and self-recrimination.

A well written book will always push reality aside and take you on the journey as it unfolds and this story will enthrall the reader (and give you quite an education about historical events in Bhutan during British rule (in India) in 1864. For history buffs, this is most informative.

An enormous amount of research has gone into this work (being pedantic, I checked) and using an authors free licence, Mr Lovatt has interlaced history and fiction with poise and finesse. I have come to expect no less from him. Outstandingly written.

Why this author isn’t on the top shelves in bookstores is beyond me; this calibre of writing is not common.

In my humble opinion, someone should take C W Lovatt in hand and promote, promote, promote until his name is synonymous with the likes of Stephen King, George MacDonald Fraser and rolls off the tongues of everyday people like you and I (as do these other authors of renown) and his books are sitting (in company with aforementioned authors) on bookshelves in stores and homes around the world.

Here’s also a pod cast from the esteemed author himself.