Colin Davy

Colin was born just before the outbreak of the Korean war (1950) in deepest fenland Lincolnshire. He moved to the big city (Boston) when he was two.

He has a bachelors degree in Biochemistry, Masters degrees in Toxicology and in Environmental Toxicology and a PhD in Toxicology. He has prolifically published papers in various scientific journals. After a brief career in the NHS, he spent eighteen years in the pharmaceutical industry, working on drug safety and twenty years in the scientific civil service, going around bothering large companies about chemical safety.

He has bored audiences at international Congresses in San Diego,Philadelphia,Amsterdam,the Hague and Vienna.  In 2005, he was approached by the Department of Homeland Security in the USA for advice on a scientific issue that he is still unable to discuss.

Now safely retired, he lives with his wife near Liverpool.

An Ever Rolling Stream

“An intriguing and mysterious alternative history novel, involving gene manipulation.”

In 1962, the Cuban missile crisis causes a brief but earth-shattering war. In 2062, a strange car accident sets Damian Stear on the way to an earth-shattering discovery in this new world. Yet this different and warmer world, where childbirth is controlled and genetic differences between the children reduced, shares many familiar characteristics with the old one.

Sex, jealousy, intrigue, treachery and violent death still intrude, but a woman of her time teaches Damian a sharp history lesson.

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