Cassandra Di Rossi

The Dark Evolution Chronicles

Once considered Gods for their mystery and beauty the Vampyr are gradually being relegated to dark mythology.

Having recently escaped the vicious Trojan War, Cassandra arrives in ancient Egypt right at the moment of the biblical Exodus. It seems that pain and destruction follow her everywhere, but over the next millennium her sadness and cynicism turn to strength and confidence, and the darkness in her soul turns to amusement and passion. Packed with adventure, lust, violence and humour, the Dark Evolution is a compelling series of vampire adventures in the ancient world.

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The Dark Evolution Chronicles: Book 2

Cassandra is a Vampyr with a long history and a knack for finding trouble. Having been forced into exile from her beloved Egypt, her journey continues through the next millennia. Starting with one of the most famous moments in biblical history she tells us of her adventures as she wends her way from Judea to the terrifying last moments of Pompeii, along the exotic trails of the silk route to China, and back again. Packed with adventure, lust, violence and a dash of humour, The Dark Evolution Chronicles are a compelling and exciting series of vampiric tales.

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The Dark Evolution Chronicles: Book 3

Once gods and now little more than myths and legends, the Vampyr of the modern world are as mysterious and intriguing as ever, and after almost two millennia Cassandra’s life is still rarely dull. Her journey continues in Transylvania where an encounter with an infamous stranger leads her once again into trouble and passion. Through the secret passages of Versailles and the corridors of the Hofburg, from larceny to civil rights and murder to espionage, book 3 of the Dark Evolution Chronicles is a rollercoaster of lust, adventure, occasional violence and a splash of humour.

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