C J Browne

The Deputy’s Daughter

Struggling to come to terms with her father’s death, criminologist Kate Trevelyan opens a centre for refugees in his memory but seems incapable of shaking off her own mental illness and keeping them safe. It’s only when Kate leaves her beloved Devon, and the memories of all that’s gone wrong in her life, to work for a TV company investigating the violence during the Miners Strike that she starts to recover. But her father’s killer is still at large and out to destroy her. They’re just watching and waiting for the right time.

Can Kate recover her strength and courage to fight back and save the lives of those she loves? Will confronting her father’s killer reveal a family secret better left alone?


Revenge Ritual

The gripping prequel to The Deputy’s Daughter.

When high-flying criminologist Dr Kate Trevelyan is sent to the Jurassic Coast to research the hostility towards migrant workers, she has no idea that someone is studying her every move. Or that her father would be killed in a suspicious house fire just days after her arrival. Rejecting the Coroner’s verdict of accidental death she joins forces with teenage migrant Micki to find her father’s killer. But their investigations result in horrifying consequences when no one’s life will be the same again.

Can Kate navigate her way through the web of lies and deceit to identify her father’s killer before she becomes the next victim?