Claire Lewis

Claire Lewis is from Gateshead. She studied Creative Writing and Film Studies in Cumbria and then went on to train as a Journalist in Darlington. She is currently working as a receptionist at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead. In 2008 she won a Northern Promise Award through New Writing North.


A Sick Work of Art

Performance artist Winston Braun intentionally kills a volunteer during the making of a piece.

He is swiftly arrested, but not before a video of his gruesome work finds its way onto the internet.

The shocking video is viewed accidentally by Maxie, a 24-yearold woman living alone in Newcastle.

Through her job in the coffee shop of an art gallery, Maxie is introduced to an acquaintance of Winston Braun’s and finds herself drawn into a sinister circle of strange and mysterious individuals.

Events spiral out of control, heading towards a horrifying finale. In order to escape, Maxie must search deep into the dark undercurrents of her home and of the people around her.