C W Lovatt

C. W. Lovatt lives in Canada where it’s quite cold.

The Adventures of Charlie Smithers was his debut novel, but don’t hold that against him.  His second novel is Josiah Stubb: The Siege of Louisbourg.

“C.W. Lovatt possesses incredible talent, and it is my unreserved opinion that Josiah Stubb: The Siege of Louisbourg deserves a prominent place on any history buff’s bookshelf.” ~ The Winnipeg Review 

“Fans of C. S. Forster’s Horatio Hornblower and Bernard Cornwell’s Richard Sharpe will love it!” 

The Adventures of Charlie Smithers

Harry Flashman, step aside, old son. Make way for Charlie Smithers.

The time is the nineteenth century. The place, the Serengeti Plain, where one Charlie Smithers – faithful manservant to the arrogant bone-head, Lord Brampton (with five lines in Debrett, and a hopeless shot to boot) – becomes separated from his master during an unfortunate episode with an angry rhinoceros, thereby launching Charlie on an odyssey into Deepest Darkest Africa, and subsequently into the arms of the beautiful Loiyan…and that’s where the trouble really begins.

Maasai warriors, xenophobic locals, or evil Arab slavers, the two forbidden lovers encounter everything that the unforgiving jungle can throw at them.

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Charlie Smithers: Adventures in India

Book 2 of the best-selling Charlie Smithers Collection

Flashman’s alter ego returns!

Four years after Charlie returns from Africa, having survived a charging rhinoceros, ravenous crocodiles, fierce Maasai warriors, and evil slavers (not to mention inadvertently discovering the source of the Nile,) we find him in India. Yes, that’s right, his master, Lord Brampton, accompanied by his beloved guns, appalling aim, and the ever-faithful Charlie Smithers, has decided to go adventuring again.

Unfortunately not everything goes according to plan and, in an effort to prevent a war, our hero finds himself on a madcap expedition to the reclusive kingdom of Bhutan, saving the life of the ravishing Charula Khaur along the way.

With (amongst other things) ferocious tigers, sweltering jungle, snow-packed mountains, hostile natives, and the undying gratitude of a beautiful woman, Charlie has his work cut out for him!

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Charlie Smithers: Adventures Downunder

Book 3 of the best-selling Charlie Smithers Collection

Flashman never experienced anything like this, not even remotely!

Whether it’s because of his gift of the ‘sight,’ inherited from his dour old Hebridean mum, or simply a sorely battered noggin (a result of his master’s appalling aim)the Australias hold one of Charlie Smithers’ most intriguing adventures to date.
Pirates, great white sharks, mermaids, scorching deserts, cannibals and a small army of sadistic bushrangers are only part of the story. A mysterious gunslinging sheila with emerald green eyes, and a shocking vocabulary, is another adventure all on its own.

And throughout the tale there is the innocuous message from a ghost from Charlie’s past: “You must learn to forgive…”

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Josiah Stubb: The Siege of Louisbourg

It is 1758 and The Seven Years War is raging. The military might of the British and French empires collide in a desperate bid to control the key strategic Fortress of Louisbourg and, in turn, Quebec and French-held North America.

One man caught amidst the bloodshed is the young grenadier, Josiah Stubb. Raised by a whore amidst poverty and incest, Josiah seemed doomed from birth to a life in the gutter. His attempt to leave his sordid past behind leads him to Louisbourg, but it comes back to haunt him in the form of a gifted officer, battling his own inner demons.

As the siege blazes towards its inevitable bloody climax, will Josiah live to overcome the formidable obstacles that keep him chained to his past, or will his aspirations for a better life die with him on the brooding shores of Ile Royale?

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And Then It Rained

From the best-selling author of the Charlie Smithers books, a collection of award-winning short stories.

Rain, that natural wonder, so natural, in fact that often it comes and goes scarcely noticed. However, metaphorical or otherwise, there are times when rain brings with it great change, causing the breath-taking beauty of rainbows or the cataclysmic destruction of floods, with equal indifference. This collection – an eclectic mix of humour, drama, and fantasy – is about those uncertain times. Dark clouds are forming, so you had better be prepared for the coming storm…

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Josiah Stubb: Interim

Book 2 of Josiah Stubb series.

September, 1758: the fortress of Louisbourg lies beaten into the mud on the Cape Breton shore. To consolidate their victory, the British are mopping up pockets of resistance along The Gulf of Saint Lawrence. However, although gravely wounded, New France still has teeth, personified by a ruthless officer who will stop at nothing to prevent the hated anglais from advancing another step.

To oppose him is the young, but untried, lieutenant, Josiah Stubb, born in the gutter and raised into the hostile environs of the officers’ mess by none other than General Wolfe himself. Deep in the forests of the Gaspé Peninsula, pitted against a fierce enemy who asks for, and gives no, quarter, Josiah is riven with doubts about his own abilities as an officer, with the lives of himself, and the men he commands, hanging in the balance.

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Josiah Stubb: The Plains of Abraham

Book 3 of Josiah Stubb series.

With the fall of Louisbourg, at last the gateway to Quebec lies open to the British. As the summer of 1759 looms, one last push is required to topple the capital of New France, and the young officer, Josiah Stubb, and the grenadiers of the 51st, will be part of it. 

However, unlike Louisbourg, the Citadel of Quebec is a natural fortress, and the might of New France has been concentrated to defend her. The British are outnumbered two to one, leaving the stage uncertain. Much depends upon courage and discipline…and of course, that most enigmatic factor of all, luck.

This is a tense melee without mercy and a riveting historical battle with far reaching consequences.

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Never Taken Road

Eve has been on the road for five long years. She’s worn down, injured, and haunted by ravens. She knows the beast is after her, after all the beast always comes for God’s chosen one. She feels it the way her namesake could feel the snake getting closer in Eden. It spurs her on, long past breaking point.

Adam knows he’s the last man alive on this planet. The Super Plague was a pestilence of biblical proportions and it did what God never could, it was the genocide of the homo-sapiens. Adam relishes our new world, marveling at the magnificence of the natural order being restored with no one left to ruin, plunder, or take from it. He holds out hope that he’ll find a woman, that maybe they can save mankind from extinction.

Amid the sun bleached skeletons, abandoned homes and cars, and endless vistas of our dystopia, the sole survivors find each other despite the odds. He can’t trust her, she’s not the Holy Mother for our revival. The only things standing between him and the ultimate freedom he craves is a superficial woman and her gun.

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The Little Mouse

From the creator of Charlie Smithers comes an endearing story, reminiscent of fairy tale classics of yesteryear. Filled with enchantment and meaning, this charming tale appeals to young and old alike, portraying how even the smallest among us can change the world.

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Dolly Pleasance

From the best-selling author of Charlie Smithers and Josiah Stubb.

Come, meet the actress, Dolly Pleasance. Born into a life of poverty and abuse in the midst of 19th Century London, Dolly’s only salvation is her passion for the theatre. Follow her career, from rags to riches, over a span of twenty years.

Rejoice as she captures the hearts of thousands, fret as she attempts to avoid the clutches of a murderous madman, and weep over the impossible love she has for one Charlie Smithers.

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