We have compiled some answers to frequently asked questions here for you.

Q: Where will my book be available?A: Your book will be available online through the usual outlets (Amazon, Borders, Waterstones, WHSmith, Asda, Tesco, Barnes & Noble etc) and our sales team will also endeavour to get your book in stores (Waterstones, WHSmith etc).

Q: What sales and marketing support can I expect?

A: We will arrange book-signings, interviews and reviews and our sales team will fight for shelf space in stores. We are a small independent press, but we fight tooth and nail for your book. All we ask is that you help us – it’s a team effort.

Q: Will my book be returnable?

A: All Wild Wolf books have a full returns policy with all major distribution channels.

Q: What will my book look like?

A: Currently we are using the 6 x 9 trade paperback size, but that is under constant review depending on market forces.

Q: Will I have a say in cover design?

A: Yes, we encourage author suggestions for the cover design, however we cannot always guarantee to accommodate them.

Q: Does Wild Wolf help with editing?

A: Yes. We ask that you go through several stages of proofing and editing before submitting to ensure that it is of the highest quality first, but then our editing team will go through your manuscript as well. Once we have edited, you will have one final chance to check for any minor amendments.

Q: How much will my book cost?

A: The retail price of your book will depend on production cost (i.e. the number of pages etc), but typically they will range between £7.99 and £9.99.

Q: Do you print on demand?

A: The initial run for your book will cover review, distribution and marketing copies. After that, your book will be printed on demand. This will be constantly reviewed and future larger batches will be run off as required.