Giles Richard Ekins

Giles Richard Ekins was born in the North East of England. He is an Architect who has worked in Africa and the Middle East for most of his career and has travelled widely. Giles has been writing on and off for many years and has had articles and short stories published. Sinistrari is the first of his novels to be published.

Giles and his wife Patricia live in Yorkshire.


The year is 1888 and as Jack the Ripper begins his bloody campaign, the infamous serial killer is not alone.

Who could possibly be more terrifying than Saucy Jack?

Edward Sinistrari, Satanist and convicted murderer, escapes the gallows of Newgate Jail and plots his bloody revenge, orchestrating the ‘Autumn of Terror’.

Following the escape of Sinistrari from the hangman’s noose, Detective Chief Inspector Charles Collingwood is charged with the task of hunting him down. He is closing in on Sinistrari when his daughter Lucy is abducted; snatched by Sinistrari to be ritually sacrificed at a Satanic Black Mass.

Can Collingwood save Lucy before she is brutally murdered?

And who or what is Sinistrari?

The Satanic Disillusionment of Charlie Chilton

When failing stage illusionist Charlie Chilton is offered the deal of a lifetime by the mysterious Asmodeus Tchort, he ignores his own advice that ‘if something looks too good to be true, it is too good to be true’ and accepts the offer.

The promised success follows but soon begins to taste sour as Charlie is haunted by savage nightmares and gruesome murders seem to dog his trail as he tours across the country with the new act.

Is Charlie becoming a murderer? And just who are the mysterious Mr. Asmodeus Tchort and the sublime Selene?