John is a practising Taoist that values knowledge and experience over anything material. His passion to explore began as a Recon  Marine while stationed abroad in Africa, South America and Asia. He is a former bodyguard, no holds barred fighter and currently an expert in the ancient Greek art of Pankration. He continually strives to balance his extreme physical nature with a more cultural and spiritual side. By borrowing from the philosophy of the samurai warrior – Myamoto Mysashi, he strives to be true to the way of the poet/warrior “pen and sword in accord.” He also holds close to the ideals of his ancestors so as to someday become an equally dedicated environmentalist.

James is a father of three and an avid fossil collector who teaches his children the value of staying close to the earth. His background research of Ojibwa history and that of the early European settlers that trapped the waterways delineating the Canadian border was instrumental in producing an accurate book. Both John and Jim are ready for any opportunity to hit the open road and discover exciting things in America’s backcountry as well as finding out new things about themselves. They are currently working on completing their second book about the darker side of adventure seeking called “Gutting the Monkey.”

“It’s a part of history that isn’t really known. There’s a lot of truth in it, and that’s something that’s going to be really important   for people here in northeastern Minnesota to read.” ~ Rose Berens, Director of Bois Forte Ojibwa Heritage Museum

“How John and James Iverson researched and wrote the story is almost as good as the book itself. You can almost smell the fire and hear the waves lapping on the shore.” ~ Julie Anixter – Chief Innovations Officer – Think Remarkable

“A very fast read with smooth voicing. But regardless of how the story is told the fact remains that the novel is based on real events and depicts a real time in Minnesota and Ojibwa History.” ~ Jessie White Mesabi News

“Hunters and Hearts is a fascinating story of courage and loyalty.” ~ The Ely Echo

“As emphasized in the introduction, the Iversons wrote the novel with the intent of honoring the Ojibwa, who had a significant effect on the brothers’ childhood.” ~ Courtney Subramanian – Northwest Herald

“This historical novel, written by James and John Iverson, is an interesting and imaginative account of an actual friendship  between their grandfather, Emil Iverson, and an Ojibwa man, Two Rivers, who learns to trust again after his village was decimated by disease spread by Europeans.” ~ Marshall Helmberger – The Timberjay

“For a guy who has made a number of journeys into the Quetico, the stories and struggles of the Ojibwa people and their unique understanding of the world around them, captures the feeling one truly gets traveling up north. The relationship that developed between Emil Iverson and Two Rivers is a strong closing to this story. I am happy to recommend it.” David McHone, Travel Guard

Hunters & Hearts

Based upon the extraordinary true story of Emil Iverson, explorer, athlete and head coach of the Chicago Blackhawks, Hunters & Hearts is an epic tale of adventure and friendship, loss and redemption.

The story charts the epic struggles of the Ojibwa tribe and in particular, Two Rivers and his raven spirit guide. The Ojibwa tribe is decimated by disease brought to the region by Europeans. The few survivors are driven from their village at gunpoint and their lodges burned to the ground. Two Rivers spends several years in self imposed isolation as he plans his revenge and an eventual return to the village in order to properly bury his people.

His hatred is tamed by the most unexpected occurrence. Just as he is about to be murdered by a ruthless bounty hunter a white man steps in to save him, sparking off a friendship that leads to Emil’s 1927 expedition to find the Lost Tribe.

Hunters & Hearts is a fascinating story of courage and loyalty as seen through the eyes of an amazing man and is written by Emil’s grandsons, John & James, with research provided by S. Moyer Iverson.