John F McDonald

John began his writing career in the theatre, with plays produced in London and Paris. He then progressed to TV and wrote award-winning drama for Channel 4. He also went on to ghost written two thriller novels, one romantic novel and two biographies. His first novel under his own name, Tribe, was published in 1999 (hardback) and 2000 (paperback) and was Publisher’s Weekly ‘Book of the Week’. The screenplay of Tribe recently won the IndieProducer Screenwriter Award in Los Angeles. His second novel, Childeyes, was published in 2008 and is currently being very well received.

In addition to his writing, he has adapted and scripted award-winning graphic novel versions of the plays of William Shakespeare. To date, completing ten graphic novel scripts and commissioned to do several more.

As well as working on his fourth and fifth novels, he has also been commissioned to write the screenplay for a London gangster film, entitled The Price Of Money. For more information on John visit his website at –

“McDonald is an explorer of courage and a writer of immense talent” – The Irish Times

“McDonald’s [work] is rich, thick and magically poetic” – The Sunday Independent

“McDonald’s insight allows the reader into a different world” – The Belfast Telegraph

“McDonald’s work is gritty, hard-hitting, with a cutting edge” – The Writer’s News

“McDonald’s language is distinct and attractive – comparable to Chuck Palahniuk, Anthony Burgess and even William Trevor” – Publisher’s Weekly

“McDonald’s [work] concisely explores various crises of conscience, while revealing the impenetrable barrier between those powerless to the point of desperation and those too blinkered by privilege to comprehend” – Time Out

“Vivid sympathetic characters” – The Evening Standard.

Otherwise Kill Me

Set in the sleezy underworld clubland of London doormen, gangsters and tough guys, Otherwise Kill Me will take you on a harrowing and surrealistic journey.

Francis Page is a doorman who is reaching the end of his shelf-life in the bouncing game. He is desperate to make one last big score for his estranged family, but suffers from acute schizophrenia.

As his life begins to unravel, so does his grip on reality, which sets in motion a catastrophic chain of events of bloody retribution.

The novel paints a surreal picture, full of strange landscapes, which are alien to most individuals, but which are a very real part of the human condition.