James Marsden

James Marsden was born and raised within a family of market traders in north Manchester. Time spent traveling and a career in graphic design and freelance illustration later, he found himself, more by accident than design, working for a variety of civic agencies within the public sector. Witnessing the scale of the silly decision making that took place and seeing first-hand how such muppetry (sorry Muppets) was spread amongst those responsible for the ‘greater good’, the first sparks of Moon Bumps ignited into being.

He now lives on the outskirts of Greater Manchester with his wife and two daughters who bring him oodles of True Ruin every single day.

Moon Bumps

Can time, space or even the world’s end separate something that was meant to be?

When Reclamation Officer Alli Katalli finds herself catapulted away from her life, her world and her fiancé, Jon, to the long-ago destroyed planet Earth, she faces more than just a few hundred years worth of time-difference to return home.

Believing her gone for good, Jon’s life spirals out of control as he struggles to let go of his feelings for Alli. As they battle individually to survive their separation, will those who endeavor to keep them apart succeed, or is the couples’ bond just too great?

A quirky offbeat story of love, time travel and the end of the world.

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