Jake Pattison

Jake comes from a rich literary and cultural heritage.

He was born in Milton Street, which was next to Byron Street and Shakespeare Street in Catherine Cookson’s home town of South Shields. In fact his uncle Davy was an inmate of the very same Harton workhouse where Catherine worked before she became famous.

He went to the same school as film director Ridley Scott and philosopher John Gray (though not contemporaneously) while his tutor at Leicester University was Richard Hoggart (though not usefully).

Jake now lives in Washington, where the poet Basil Bunting lived his later years. Sadly the two never met.

It is perhaps surprising then that Jake did not take to writing novels until his retirement.

“Deliciously subversive!” ~ SciFiShock

Suicide City

What is the secret of the Blinking Eye?

What’s caused the spate of Gateshead suicides?

Who are the sinister Nictarians?

Are the Edessa Scrolls fakes?

Who will survive in ‘Sink or Swim’?

Follow local hack Archie Straw as he investigates these Tyneside teasers.

Is it a mystery or a comedy?

Is it dark or is it light?

‘Mevvies it is and mevvies it isn’t’ (Gateshead Guardian)

The story of how the party city became suicide city.