Jo Reed

Following first degrees in psychology and pure science, Jo Reed went on to gain a PhD by research at the University of Bristol, specialising in behavioural psychology and brain physiology. She worked for seven years as a research associate/lecturer, working on the interaction of genetic and environmental factors. Jo Reed has twenty research publications in academic journals from that period. She then went on to become a full time lecturer in further and higher education, writing and delivering training materials for teachers in addition to lecturing work. She still lectures in brain physiology for the Open University, and works part time as a freelance educational consultant, writing and delivering training courses for teachers.

Jo Reed was winner of the Daily Telegraph Travel writing award 2008, and has had short stories published in Mslexia magazine and the recent Bookshed anthology, ‘Short Fuses’.

The Tyranny of the Blood was voted the most popular adult fantasy of the year on the Arts Council sponsored website YouWriteOn, and was a runner-up in the all-genre 2008 YWO book of the year awards. The novel went on to win an ‘Apprenticeship in Fiction’ award ( supported by the Arts Council and a grant from the Oppenheimer John-Downes Memorial Trust.

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“Compelling and intense, this novel draws you into a dark world of danger and power play.” ~ Liz Williams, award-winning science fiction author

The Tyranny of the Blood

In fourth century Scotland, a powerful inbred society with superhuman power and hereditary madness, known as ‘The Family’, has been trying for centuries to breed a child with the ability to control time itself.

The blood is all that matters; the unfit are slaughtered to achieve their twisted goal. When Rendail takes over leadership of the Family from his father, he seems doomed to perpetuate his father’s mistakes… until a chance encounter with an enigmatic stranger opens his eyes.

When Rendail’s firstborn develops the long awaited gift, a catastrophic chain of events is cast into motion that threatens the very future of mankind.

The Tyranny of the Blood, although designed to work as a standalone novel, also acts as the first of a dark trilogy spanning the development of a genetically engineered society spanning from the first century to present day.

A Child of the Blood

The second installment in the Blood Dancers series.

Malim is the supernaturally powerful, time-travelling heir to the leadership of ‘The Family’.
He is the fulfilment of a long-awaited dream. But the dream has become a nightmare. Centuries of inbreeding have created a dangerous psychopath. To escape his father, Rendail, Malim leaps forward fifteen hundred years to 21st Century Scotland. His aim? To rule the present and control the past. To achieve his insane ambitions he must breed. One woman, Karisse, carries the blood he needs. But his brother, Arghel, stands in his way. While Rendail struggles to preserve the Family, Malim lures Karisse to the far future, out of Arghel’s reach. The battle lines are drawn. The outcome will determine not only the fate of the Family, but the path of time itself.

Malim’s Legacy

The third installment in the Blood Dancers series.

Malim, time-traveller, psychopath and heir to the Family’s tyrannical dynasty, is dead. An uneasy truce exists between the head of the Family, Rendail, and his estranged son, Arghel.

But the fragile peace is about to be shattered. From their far future comes a power greater than they have ever seen, and it has just one purpose – to avenge Malim’s death. If they are to survive, Rendail and Arghel must put aside their old feud and work together.

Meanwhile, their only hope of victory lies in Rendail’s grandson, Alex, who has elected to live out his life in the 21st century with his son and the woman he loves. But Alex has gone missing, and time is running out

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‘I really enjoyed your book and am looking forward to the next instalment. I met you at your book signing at Borders in Birstal, Leeds. I believe I was the first to get your book signed, I think it was 17:00 start, don’t know if you remember me? Anyway, I remember talking with you about your other instalments in the series and that you had already finished them. Well, when can I get my hands on one(preferably at Borders again with you signing)? Please? Can’t wait, I’m hooked.’ ~ Philip, Leeds

After buying the book I left the store and on one of the benches close by I started to read your book, and you managed to drag me right in to the story by the beautiful and powerful beginning. I finished the book very quickly, and plan to read it again soon ( which means I like it very much). I can’t wait to see the next instalment of the series.’ Pieter, Holland