Here are the latest releases from Wild Wolf Publishing…

C W Lovatt has released the following…

Josiah Stubb: Interim (Book 2 of Josiah Stubb series)

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Josiah Stubb: The Plains of Abraham (Book 3 of Josiah Stubb series)

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Never Taken Road

Eve has been on the road for five long years. She’s worn down, injured, and haunted by ravens. She knows the beast is after her, after all the beast always comes for God’s chosen one. She feels it the way her namesake could feel the snake getting closer in Eden. It spurs her on, long past breaking point.

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The Little Mouse

From the creator of Charlie Smithers comes an endearing story, reminiscent of fairy tale classics of yesteryear. Filled with enchantment and meaning, this charming tale appeals to young and old alike, portraying how even the smallest among us can change the world.

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Up next Chris Johnson has released the following…


Tomoko Iwamoto is kept a virtual prisoner in Malaysia by crime boss Peter Yang, using her as a killer for hire, a highly-trained trophy he thinks he can control. Until Peter pushes Tomoko too far, ordering her to kill his own wife.

With her repaired android lover, who could prove to be even more dangerous than Tomoko herself, Tomoko sets in motion a plan of escape that will threaten Peter’s criminal empire and force him to a final confrontation in Japan.

Pornopsychedelica is a heady mix of sci-fi thriller, erotica and violence, where ruthless gangs own the streets, and murder and sex are turned into sadistic performance art.

Fans of Anime and Kill Bill will devour this novel.

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Terry West, the brother of Lesley Ann Downey, one of the victims of the Moors murderers tells us his story…

If Only: Living in the shadows of the Moors Murders

On Boxing Day 1964 10-year-old Lesley Ann Downey left home to go to the fair. Her older brother, Terry did not go with her because he was ill with flu. Not accompanying her on that fateful day would haunt Terry for the rest of his life. Lesley was abducted by Moors murderers, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.

This is their heart-breaking story, told by Terry.

This fascinating and tragic story also includes family photographs and letters from Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.

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Mike Shepherd joins the Wild Wolf team with offering…

When Brave Men Shudder: The Scottish Origins of Dracula (with an introduction by Dacre Stoker)

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Ian James, MBE brings us his incredible true story on bringing down paedophiles in his book

Save One Child

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X-Factor finalist Christopher Maloney tells us his story through the show with his autobiography

Christopher Maloney: Wildcard: Official Autobiography

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Simon Neilson has released the following..

Rogue Evacuation

All Kaleb McIntyre wants to do is go home to his wife and child, if they are still alive. The world is in turmoil, ravaged by famine, war, and now a pestilence which is destined to wipe us out. 

In a world where infection reigns, surviving is the only hope we have left.

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E J Bancesco joins us with his first publication

Mal D’Hiver

Romania, 1967. Teenager Clovis Dorian travels from Bucharest to the remote village of Rusalca to visit his grandmother, but his winter school break turns into a living nightmare after a serendipitous liaison with a beautiful woman and a run-in with a sinister Communist Party apparatchik throw him into the Romanian underworld.

Part political thriller, part coming-of-age story, Mal d’Hiver is an elegant phantasmagoria of love and hatred, beauty and horror, offering a barefaced perspective on the struggle of the innocent to make sense of the brutality and injustice that typified the apex of communism in eastern Europe.

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