Mark Sinclair

Mark Sinclair was born in the North East of England in the depressed 1970s. Seeing the pain this brought, he made a vow  never to stop exploring, adventuring and inquiring.

To that end, he has worked as a journalist, features writer, PR ‘guru’, display technician (shelf stacker) launderette manager, events coordinator, barman, civil service troll, pot washer, holiday lettings agent (toilet cleaner) and finally – a restaurateur.

His debut novel ‘I’d Sooner Starve’ charts the shocking and hilarious journey taken by a man who believes that anything is possible – even opening a restaurant with only the ability to bake quiche and a loose concept of portion control.

Now 40, he lives in the middle of England with his long-suffering partner and two dogs. He is currently planning his next adventure.

‘An absolute hoot!’ Anonymous celebrity chef

‘This hits the nail on the head so much I can’t believe it! So much so, I can’t possibly put my name to it!’ UK chef

‘I am delighted that Mark has written this book. Maybe now people will believe me when I tell them the stories!’ ~ Matt, co-owner

I’d Sooner Starve

The book the chefs were too scared to endorse!

‘I’d Sooner Starve!’ is the engaging true story of one man’s quest to escape his monotonous nine-to-five existence and open a charming delicatessen and restaurant in a delightful market town.

With honesty, humour and breathtaking naïveté, it records his steep learning curve, radical lifestyle change and the instant realisation that the customer is not always right!

Amidst tales of bulimia, public menstruation, endless abuse and hilarious customer encounters, this eye-opening story unveils what happens after you say, “I quit!”

‘I’d Sooner Starve’ is a shockingly comical tale of culinary highs, customer lows and one woman’s fixation with thigh-warmed Stilton…