Martyn Taylor

UK author Martyn Taylor has had a number of short stories published in SF/Fantasy magazines, Morrigan’s ‘The Phantom Queen Awakes’ anthology and Byker Books ‘Radge Packet’, computer games and even American gay porn ezines…  He has written for television and radio (and been paid for it) without ever quite getting anything produced.  And he’s written numerous book and film reviews in the specialist SF magazines.

As a novelist, he is particularly interested in the possibilities of what might be happening just beyond the edges of perceptions, but is also interested in exploring the possibilities of conventional fantasy, particularly in his native North East of England.

He is the author of the forthcoming WHITECHAPEL, an explanation of the Ripper mystery that differs somewhat from most.

Monkey See

Travis is a detective and gambler. He’s been out of the country, working, and now he’s at home counting his winnings in the early morning – mostly won from a scary demon called Astaroth – when there’s a knock at his door. It’s his ex-wife, Marianne. She’s been shot three times and she dies in his arms…only she was murdered and buried six weeks ago.

He needs answers, and to find those answers he has to uncover some very surprising facts. Some of those surprises are pleasant, most are anything but…

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