A little belated, but I’d just like to wish all our readers and authors a very happy 2013.

A new year brings new titles.  We have several new titles available and they’re quite a mixed bag!

The Angel, The Devil & The Dead by Nicholas Boyd Crutchley (ebook)

A dark fantasy of good verses evil.

The Adventures of Charlie Smithers by C W Lovatt (ebook)

A Harry Flashman-esq adventure of an Englishman cast amongst Maasai warriors, xenophobic locals and evil Arab slavers.

Moon Bumps by James Marsden (ebook)

An offbeat story of love, time-travel and the end of the world.

Monkey See by Martyn Taylor (ebook)

A quirky supernatural crime thriller

The Monster of Coniston Water by M R Bridgeman (ebook)

A fast-paced monster novella set in the English Lake District

A Quiet Place to Die by N A Randall (ebook)

A gripping fast-paced novella about neighbours from Hell.  Straw Dogs with extra bite.