N Stead

Nick Stead began the very first draft of Hybrid at fifteen in his GCSE years at school. What was originally intended to be a short story quickly grew into ideas not just for a full length novel, but an entire series, and with the realisation of this his dream to one day be published was born.

Driven by his life long passion for werewolves and the horror genre, Nick gave the manuscript two major rewrites before finally securing the book deal with Wild Wolf Publishing in 2015.

Nick has also written several short stories which you can read for free on his website. He mostly writes supernatural horror, although he does have plans for a dark fantasy some time in the future. Fellow writers at Huddersfield Author’s Circle have likened Nick’s style to a werewolf – he likes to grab the reader by the throat at the very beginning of a story and not let go until he drags them to its bloody conclusion!

Aside from writing, he also enjoys reading, video games, movies, TV, LARP and rock/metal music.

“Stead weaves an intricate world of hierarchy, history and culture with a sinister underbelly, whilst keeping a popular theme fresh and without any of the old clichés. There is the epic, the sublime and the downright terrifying. Think you know vampires and werewolves? Think again.”


A full moon rises and blood is about to be spilled. Nick Stead, once a regular teenage boy falls prey to the werewolf curse. He begins to change in ways he cannot understand. The first transformation after receiving the bite is only the beginning. From that moment on, death follows in his wake as he seeks to satisfy the insatiable hunger awoken within. But hunter can easily become the hunted, and whilst battling his own lupine instincts, he must also hide his lycanthropy from those who would seek to wipe out his race. A clandestine faction known as the Demon Slayers are closing in on his trail and mean to wipe out his kind once and for all.

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