Paul Lesko

Paul Lesko is a plaintiffs’ attorney living on 30-honeysuckle infested acres just outside St. Louis, Missouri. After 16 years of litigating intellectual property and complex litigation cases, he embarked on a “gap year” (at age 41) to exercise four characters from his head into his debut novel: Gastric Bypass. With that accomplished, the voices have stopped (mostly), and he now sleeps better at night. 

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Paul received his Juris Doctor in May 1999 from Tulane Law, and undergraduate degrees in Honors Biology and Biochemistry, from the University of Illinois. Paul has also published numerous articles in legal publications, such as The Columbia Science and Technology Review and Trial Magazine, and published a long-running series of articles on the website Cardboard Connection ( which established him as one of the pre-eminent commentators on sports memorabilia and trading card legal issues. Paul also frequently speaks on intellectual property issues. And yes, he’s still a lawyer, that lives for the courtroom.

Gastric Bypass

Nat was content with a simple, soul-staining existence as a college-town lawyer specializing in drunk student and stripper law. At least, he was until two childhood friends kidnapped and forced him into a sophomoric prank…which turned out to be an attack against a nuclear reactor.

With his seedy existence now in jeopardy, Nat is swept into the path of a terrorist organization which “betters” society by kidnapping the obese, and performing gastric bypass surgeries on them. Run by a black-listed, former-collegiate athlete and his enigmatic brother who uses his ability to view the multiverse to guide his actions, Nat is caught in the largest crime spree in U.S. history, and then forced to defend his “best” friends in court for their actions.

In his debut novel, Paul Lesko portrays a dark, yet humorous world too much like our own, focusing on Machiavellian philosophical questions and asking, if we live in an infinite universe, how should we pass eternity?

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