Poppet lives in her own little world, and suffers from an intense crush on Cupid. So much so she’s taken up archery to impress him. She’s currently giving up her addiction to sarcasm by going cold turkey, loves jelly beans, and has a closet Lamborghini fetish. She also thinks planets rock, because they take up space.

Here’s what Poppet has to say…

Where do you come from? Pandora’s box

What’s your favourite drink? Ambrosia

What keeps you awake at night? The dragon snoring in the back of my cave

Where do you get your inspiration from? The nine muses

What are you most afraid of? The three Fates

What do you tell your enemies? Go take an acid bath

“DARKROOM grabs you by the gut and yanks you into a netherworld of emotion and reaction.”Elaina J Davidson

“Buy it…read it…rest assured you will not forget it. I rate this unhesitatingly as a five out of five book.” ~ Soooz Says Blog

Darkroom (Darkroom Sage Book 1)

What happens when someone steals you? Do you develop in that darkness? Or do you simply break?

Shauna is stolen by Vengeance. Using torture, he breaks her, forcing her to reform and adapt. When he frees her, she flees. Thinking she’s escaped her stalker and tormentor, she lets her guard down.

Then she meets Victor. Someone who seems sympathetic to her pain. Strong, loving, she learns to trust again by falling in love with this enigmatic neighbour.

But someone else watches.

Vengeance hasn’t let go. She’s living with him, loving him, trusting him, never doubting him.

In love, can she reform Victor, the way he reformed her?

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Dusan is on a feeding frenzy after twenty-five years of hibernation. As a soul eater, he cannot kiss without killing.

He crosses paths with Aine while being hunted by the Phoenician priest Gregori, and soon discovers Aine is also on the hit list.

Falling for her fast, while trying to discover why she’s also marked for death, the ultimate soul eater’s Armageddon is about to happen.

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A harmless game of Spirit of the Glass changes their lives. Immersed head first into the ancient Mayan world, tattoos transform, prayers are caught by the greedy, and the rattlesnake comes to stake its claim.

Zohar issued a death threat on Halloween and now it’s a race against time before they all die. Usha has to open the heart of heaven in time to save the rest of them, but the key is too cryptic. Rituals ancient and new clash in a bid for supremacy.

A Chinaman, an Italian, a Slovenian, and an American, walk into a bar – it sounds like a joke, right? Quislings are no joke.

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Satanarium (Darkroom Sage Book 2)

Preacher John is ready to beat the devil out of you. In his Satanarium he strives to deliver you from evil. This is a war against Satan, one he doesn’t intend to lose.

Behind the scenes of humdrum monotony is the harsh reality of religion, up close and personal with the God of the Old Testament. He claims to be merciful, but that remains to be seen.

This is a visceral, violent, and vivid journey inside the halls of the Satanarium. No dirty angel leaves unscathed. No one leaves, ever.

Prepare for terror!

Written by Troy Lambert & Poppet

This novel is not recommended for the blind sheep stuck in flocks, this is horror that upsets the pious but thrills fans of The Exorcist and American Horror Story.

Over Exposure (Darkroom Sage Book 3)

Abducted from a hospital ward, Shauna is smuggled around the world to a religious compound in Utah. The zealous leader of a worldwide cult not only indoctrinates her, dedicating her to his cause and ensuring she’s pregnant within weeks of her arrival, but also subjects her to unparalleled cruelty, smiting anyone who stands between him and his acquisition.

This is not Little House on the Prairie, this is the Adam’s Family on Crack.

Wrapture (Darkroom Sage Book 4)

Imagine a church where nudity is embraced and sex is a form of worship. It seems so unlikely, so alien and risqué, but it exists. Hidden in the wilderness of Texas hide the Sons of Cain, their compound shut and protected from outside infiltration, and behind its walls they worship in ways you could never imagine.

Sermons are an education, and their creed is bone chilling. When crime and Christianity join with a nefarious agenda, the victims are in orgasm, rapture, and wrapture. Candace is kidnapped but isn’t even aware of it, manipulated and inducted into the wrapture culture, subjected to carnal heaven and hell.

Love has a way of freeing the soul, but an indoctrinated mind can be a dangerous weapon in the boudoir. The path of duplicity is steep and treacherous, taking Candace Caine deep into the erotic heart of Christian bondage, BDSM, and biblical porn.

Warning: This novel is rife with misogyny, sadism, perverted scripture, eroticism, gender abuse, and contains a traumatizing rape scene. Please do not purchase this novel if any of these offend you.


Win Cummings is a man conflicted; how much is too much, how far is too far?

He’s yet to be a real player in this game where there are more losers than winners.

Living in Penance is like living in a Hell without heat, that is until Ava sets her sights on him.

The battle of the sexes is about to be begin, the stakes are for life, who will fall first, the King or the Queen…remains to be seen.

Ye Mistress of Baphos Hall

When Anne inherits Baphos Hall she is euphoric. On the fourth day her brother is taken and held for ransom by the Master.

In order to save her brother, Anne must first appease the Master, give works to his scribe, and distill her soul.

When you own the Master Key, you have the power to change destiny.

A novella fairytale for adults.

Bratva (Darkroom Sage Book 5)

Some are born into slavery, some always end up being the sacrifice. Polina exists in a state of hibernating anguish, at a constant disadvantage. She has the body of a woman and the mind of a child. Mikah makes it his personal crusade to turn Polina into a woman, to introduce her to the reality of adulthood, forcing her to become her potential, but first he plans to remove from her soul the filth of debauchery. Disciples and angels are driven to reform dirty angels to a state of purity. She is his Eve, his woman, an extension of his will. Mikah’s version of mercy is her version of hell.

Polina was raised in subjugation, she will never be free. She has secrets so dark she has blocked out the pain, buried the guilt, submersing her memories in a blanket of ignorance. Mikah wants her body, her mind, her life, her afterlife, but sometimes we don’t get what we want. The second Victor entered Polina’s life it was too late for redemption.

Only one barrier blocks her escape to freedom, the bratva.

Warning: Contains scenes of violence, torture, blasphemy, sex, and strong language.