Paul Rudd

No, he’s not the renowned Hollywood actor. He’s just a bloke from Essex, and working the London 9 to 5. Paul spent his youth partying and playing weekend football matches with his friends, and is a self-proclaimed geek. He writes stuff and has watched movies since birth, which probably makes a lot of sense to those who know him well.

Sharks have been a passion since he first watched Jaws at an age far too young to print, so writing about them seemed an obvious route for him to take. Books by Paul include SharcSharc BaitLondon Warriors, Wild Wild Dead, Satan’s Band, and the co-authored Chronicles of Supernatural Warfare.


Terror ensues when the world’s largest prehistoric shark escapes captivity. Men put their lives in jeopardy to capture it, the press is getting in their way, and time is running out. In this non-stop adrenaline surge of action, anger and fear, the first floating aquarium is the scene of unprecedented carnage.

Maxwell Baxter is intent on fulfilling his greatest ambition yet. In the midst of international financial negotiations to raise money to complete his ARC with the Governor of California being entertained on his private yacht, the Megalodon terrorises everything in the Pacific, no matter what their size.

The world is watching them fail at their quest, but swimming with sharks has never been more perilous or drenched in suspense.

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Sharc Bait

The Aquatic Research City is finally open for business, and with the contained prehistoric Megalodon the main draw, business is booming.

On the surface thousands flock to see the shark each day and Tyler Baxter, the city’s new President, wants to utilise the full potential of his father’s investment.

With hundreds of millions of pounds of revenue waiting to be invested, Tyler puts the city’s safety at risk by hosting an aquatic race, the first of its kind.

With the ARC security stretched to the limit and the city at maximum capacity, surely nothing can go wrong?

The heroes of Sharc once again come face to face with the Megalodon and a host of predators in an intense upheaval of power, and the waters of the world’s first Aquatic City will forever be tarnished with blood.

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Wild Wild Dead

Nathaniel Wayland is tough as an old boot and smokin’ fast with his guns. As long as he can remember the west has been wild, not because of outlaws and bandits, but because a plague is turning humans into an army of undead walkers.

This plague is beautiful, sexy, her skin velvet smooth and her voice even softer. Evil has a way of seducing a fool and charming the wise, this one does both. Wayland grew up an orphan, his first memory being of the attack which left him homeless and alone. Nightmares stalk his dreams, and opium and alcohol numb the pain in daylight.

Mason is the mentor who took him in and taught him right, teaching him to be a ruthless killing machine with one objective, save the west from this horror. Wayland’s inner demons are loud, his lust for willing women and aged whiskey are vices he can’t control, until a band of outlaws enter his life, forcing him to man up and showdown.

Hollow Creek is a massacre, valiant men fall in a final stand against the queen of the essence, and when Wayland decides to be a martyr he is delivered from evil in a way no one will expect.

Compelling and dramatic, this western has intelligent zombies, corrupt lawmen, sociopaths, evil and outlaws, taking you on a gripping read of black oil, seduction, power, and dark horror. The west has never been this wild, deadly, or sexy.

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London Warriors

The environment is changing. Nature is running amok. The fires of Hell are ready to erupt and mankind’s time on earth is coming to an end.

Nightmare forces are attempting to break free from the underworld and the boundaries that split reality from Haydes are fracturing. The London Wall cordons off the heart of the city from the rest of the country. Lives have been lost on both sides, and with pressure mounting the Prime Minister takes drastic measures. Extermination squads attempt to eradicate survivors of a brutal war that still stains the streets.

With a Super Soldier Serum lost in the Inner Sanctum, the fate of the world is now the responsibility of one group of anti-heroes. Shamed Bounty Hunter Roman Richards leads a team of hardened death row convicts into the Inner Sanctum, confronted by hell itself. The team are tracked by a merciless breed of humans, sent forth by Demiurge, the new ruler of the Sanctum. With the Demi-god’s demonic army gaining strength by the second, the intruders sanction that only the strongest will survive. Devious allies, undercover agents, demons, warriors, psychopaths and cannibals, they are all present as the battle begins.

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Shark Spawn

A space yarn, with teeth.

It’s the year 2124. Twenty years have passed since terraformers crossed the galaxy to find a new home on Centauri Prime.

One by one, the human colonies have been taken over by Earth corporations. Only the settlement of Kinship remains untouched by galactic credit.

By using the anticoagulant and antibacterial properties of shark skin tissue, Hank Cranford hopes to manufacture a vaccine that will enable long-term survival in the strange waters and atmosphere, and he hopes also to finally escape Earth’s clutches and lead his colony into a new world.

Captain Banyard, a seasoned smuggler, crosses space with a precious and unusual cargo. Enormous tanks in the hold of the Bayonet store a variety of sharks that are to be delivered to the domed habitat. When one of the Earth shark’s escapes from captivity, blood is spilled, lives are lost and a new breed of shark is spawned.

Welcome to Centauri Prime, an aquatic paradise, at least that’s what it says in the brochure!

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