Patrick Whittaker

Patrick Whittaker has made the occasional foray into short film making and has two feature film scripts in pre-production. Two of his shorts – ‘The Raven’ and ‘Raspberry Ripple’ – have won awards. He has an honours degree in Media Production. One of his proudest achievements is translating the classic absurdist play ‘Ubu Roi’ from French into English. In 2009, he won the British Fantasy Society Short Story Competition with ‘Dead Astronauts’, a tale of odd goings-on in English suburbia.

The Passion Of Eva Braun

Alternative history and crime noir merge in this gripping suspense thriller.

‘A desperate hunt across a multitude of mind-bending alternative realities’

It’s a nightmare like no other.

Private detective Baines McFadden wakes to find himself in a world where the Axis Powers won the Second World War and Great Britain is a Nazi vassal state. Worse still: in this grave new world, he is a film director fallen foul of the Nazi government by making an obscene pornographic film depicting Adolf Hitler’s wife as a depraved nymphomaniac.

His lot improves when the Nazis release him from the Tower of London so he can direct a film about the assassination of Adolf Hitler in 1963 in Dealey Plaza, Texas.

Back in favour with the Nazis, Baines seems to be sitting pretty, until the resistance forcibly recruit him and send him on a suicide mission with one objective: Kill the Fuhrer!

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