Rod Glenn

Rod Glenn is from the north east of England and first published in 2006. He received critical acclaim for his dark contemporary thriller, Sinema: The Northumberland Massacre. His third novel, The Killing Moonwas a collaboration with long time friend, Jamie Mitchell.  Rod is also an actor and has appeared in several feature films and TV series.

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Sinema: The Northumberland Massacre

A winter’s tale with a sting.

There’s a newcomer to the small Northumberland village of Haydon … a charming novelist and film buff, researching a crime thriller about a serial killer on a rampage in a remote Northumberland community. The only trouble is, it’s a work in progress and it’s going to be non-fiction.

392 innocent men, women and children stand in his way to achieving a sadistic dream.

As the worst winter in more than a century approaches, can two investigating police officers trapped with the terrorised residents stop this monster?

“Masterful writing.” ~ Star of Friday the 13th and horror icon, Adrienne King

“One the most heart racing, jaw-dropping novels that I have ever dared to finish.” ~ The Crack Magazine

“A truly chilling novel.” ~ Borders Books

“An exploration of pure evil.” ~

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Sinema 2: Sympathy for the Devil

Han Whitman’s twisted journey continues in what will be an explosive finale.

After the Northumberland massacre, Han Whitman has returned to his normal life. But the carnage in Haydon has changed him. He is a haunted man, jaded by those bloody events. That is, until he realises that his original experiment is incomplete. The experiment must continue, but along a different path.

One survivor of Haydon teams up with the son of one of Han’s victims to hunt Whitman down.

As Han continues his experiment, wading into tides of human filth, and finding love in the most surprising of places, in the shadows someone else is watching the proceedings with keen, calculating interest.

The detective assigned to the vigilante killings becomes steadily more disillusioned until a chance coincidence leads her onto the killer’s trail.

The lives of these five individuals will collide with devastating consequences in the dramatic continuation of the Sinema story.

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Sinema 3: The Troy Consortium

You can’t keep a good serial killer down.

Saved from certain death by a clandestine organisation, Han Whitman finds himself in the middle of a secret war. A war being raged through the manipulation of serial killers.

An organisation created for good has turned bad at the core. The experiment is over. Han has to pick a side.

His previous life with Cara is gone and he’s about to realise that there’s far worse than the legendary Hannibal Whitman out there. There’s a newcomer on the block and his cruelty and depravity knows no limit.

Han must face his demons and return to where it all began.

He’s already died once and he’s about to find out whether you only live twice.

Rod Glenn ‘s original Sinema novel will live with me for some time and here he has managed to expand and enrich the story while delivering another thrilling tale.” ~ Ric’s Reviews

“A greatly enjoyable read that I would recommend to anyone.” ~ Daz’s Short Book Reviews

“This book is an ambitious, gripping, violent thriller which hooked my imagination and didn’t let go. I can’t deny that I read late into the night as I couldn’t put it down. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” ~ In Potentia Book Reviews

“A fantastic and gruesome end to the Sinema story that will have you rooting for the bad guy.” ~ The Crack Magazine

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The Killing Moon

“A great book!” ~ Matt Baldwin, Star Shadow

“A fast-paced thrill ride.” Gabriel M Cole, Editor of Orion’s Child

“An intelligent, violent and disturbing post apocalyptic vision. Realistic and gritty and yet still manages to purvey a sense of hope laced with down-to-earth northern humour.” ~ The Evening Chronicle

“A thrilling post-apocalypse novel that does not let up.” ~ Adrian Brady, Morpheus Tales

A series of cataclysmic events bring about the global collapse of civilisation. The few remaining survivors must fight for their survival in a world plunged back into the dark ages.

Twenty years on, a new generation grow up out of the ashes and, after their idyllic life is destroyed, five friends must leave their childhood home in rural Northumberland and embark on a perilous journey to Middlesbrough, a city gripped with gang violence and sectarian killings.

Tragedy, lies and deceit mar their every step as they are cast into a dark and twisted world that is itself on the brink of destruction.

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The King of America: Epic Edition

“A lyrical, futuristic epic. Rod takes traditional themes of betrayal and conflict and lets them loose in a vengeful, modernistic society engulfed in war.” ~ Borders Books

“A tense fusion of betrayal, honour and conflicting loyalties. A powerful page-turner with conspiracy, death, passion and remorse.” ~ North East Portal

“There are two kinds of science-fiction – novels written for, and by, physics students and stories that use allegory, wit and fancy to stretch the reader’s imaginations beyond breaking point. Rod Glenn’s lyrical futurist-epic falls, squarely, into the latter category. A major achievement.” ~ BBC Newcastle, Keith Topping

King Paul Frelon…ruthless dictator or flawed leader?

President Grant Lexus…idealistic reformer or jealous traitor?
Two men…a nation divided…pick a side.

Set in an America where the future merges with the past, The king is betrayed by his closest friend, plunging the nation into a bloody civil war, spiralling to rival even the Great War itself…the war that ended the civilizations of the 21st Century.

As the two sides collide, the king is cast into a desperate chase across America as Lexus dedicates every resource to the hunt. In the ensuing revolution friends and families are torn apart. And yet, amidst the devastation and bloodshed, old flames are rekindled.
With a selfish, drug-addicted smuggler caught in the middle and a mysterious stranger with a hidden agenda lurking in the shadows, a divided nation must choose a side as the fate of America hangs in the balance.

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No Chance In Hell

Seven mercenaries, led by ex-SAS Major Tom ‘Geordie’ Guthrie, on a black op to assassinate an entrenched despotic Middle-Eastern leader find themselves transported to an unknown land when their aircraft is struck by an atmospheric anomaly.

This land has been ravaged by the Scourge, a vast army of monsters hell-bent on the destruction of humanity. One thing stands in the way of humanity’s total annihilation…the Fortress. Seven battle-weary soldiers of fortune have to face an army that could very well be from Hell itself and if they fail, Earth could be next.

Seven mercenaries…a vast monstrous army…one Hell of a fight!

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