Remy Porter

Remy Porter is British. He recently emigrated to South Australia with his wife and young daughter. Dead Beat is his first novel.

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“ ‘Old people smell like mould’. Can’t go wrong with an opening sentence like that!” Gorezone Magazine (Issue 59)

“It’s like the author went screaming through the zombie genre with a baton in one hand and a blowtorch in the other. Check this one out. You won’t be disappointed.” Joe McKinney, author of Dead City and Apocalypse of the Dead

“Reminiscent of the early style of James Herbert; this book doesn’t pull any punches or release its teeth.” Paul Huggins,

“Volatility, gore, twists and ghoulishly pleasurable.” ~ Lori Bowland,

“There’s more to fear than the Undead in Porter’s horrific vision; Dead Beat is a welcomed addition to the genre.” Gregory Solis, Author of Rise and Walk

“4 Undead Heads out of 5.”

“Heartbeat versus Dawn of the Dead! Porter has delivered a barn-storming horror debut where the flesh-eating, walking dead aren’t necessarily the worst monsters you could meet. Fantastic stuff.” Matt Hilton, author of the Joe Hunter thriller series

Dead Beat

Haven, Population: 2000.

A place where Johnny sleepwalks the beat, counting down the hours to the end of another police shift. Burying the secret deeper.

But this is the day the world ends. The infection has spread unchecked, and now the dead have domain. Johnny is thrown into a fight to survive. The shattered community around him willing to do anything to stay alive.

But as putrefacted bodies close in, it’s the villager’s rotten hearts he begins to fear the most …And beyond them the puppetmasters who started it all.

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There’s a murderer loose in Greystones, a small estuary village tucked against the wintry, wooded trails of O’Halloran Hill. The gory body count begins to rise, sending the media into an all-out feeding frenzy. The village is swamped with police and onlookers, and everybody wants to catch ‘The Vampire Killer’.

While the hunt is on James Stixx and his partner-in-crime, Faye Burns discover that beneath the surface is a whole different story, a mystery that goes back decades. The teenagers find everyone has something to lose, or secrets to bury.

And all the while the vampire is waiting … choosing its moment to strike …

“Intense, atmospheric and gripping. From the start this novel grabs you and refuses to let go. I miss the novels I grew up with; Salem’s Lot by Stephen King, Twilight Eyes by Dean Koontz and The Dark by James Herbert. No one writes good, small town horror anymore. Except for Remy Porter that is. This is a great novel. Quirky characters, a brooding small town, secrets galore – oh, and a vampire. The writing style is snappy and to the point, dialogue is spot on and the atmosphere of a small town in England is caught beautifully.” ~ Derek Gunn, author of the Vampire Apocalypse and HMS Swift books

“A menacing, well-written tale of horror and mystery adventure. Salem’s Lot meets the Hardy Boys.” ~ V.M. Zito, author of The Return Man

Available in Paperback & E-Book

The Aussie Dead

This is a fast-paced novella set in the land Down Under.

Tim Baxter thought he was on a trip of a lifetime to Australia. On a long-haul flight in the middle of the night someone is sick, VERY SICK. Flying over the harsh arid lands of Australia the plane becomes a battleground. Everyone on-board is a potential killer.

Can Tim save his wife? His children? Himself?

A thrilling fight for survival at 30,000 feet.

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In a dirty, dank room Police Constable Niles Skeeter is tied to a radiator. He’s bleeding and barely conscious. The memory of how this happened eludes him. But he’s not alone. In the corner is a colleague, knifed and half bled out. Shadowed in the doorway is the monster about to kill them both.

Now Niles remembers…This is all Frank’s fault.

A crime novella introducing the police officer Niles Skeeter, and his underworld brother Frank.

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