Steve Attridge

Sometimes I Disappear

What does it take to remain human in a post viral, barren and violent world? Ali will find out. Living on the now devastated Norfolk coast with her Dad, she sometimes inhabits a dream world with her daughter and husband, who were brutally murdered. At times, she disappears and has no memory afterwards of what she has done, though the consequences are sometimes horrendous. Her dream is to send her Dad to Arcadia, a place somewhere in the Mediterranean where there is still civilisation. But it costs and is it even real? With her neurodiverse friend, Trash, a stray girl and a little dog, they travel to the capital – Dorado, trying to avoid clashes with Government forces – the Protectors. When they arrive, the truth is worse than anything they could have imagined. Hunted in a ruined country, they flee, but to where? Lost in a jungle of betrayal and violence, is it possible to rebuild simple humanity in such a cruel and chaotic world? Is it possible to find love?

A quest for truth into the heart of darkness in a ruined world becomes a desperate bid for survival.

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God, Rod Stewart & Me: Years of Mayhem & Madness

Rocking with Rod Stewart, Enlightenment, Mayhem in Morocco, Riots in Harlem, World Revolution, Meeting God, Madness and Working for the Council

Is this the strangest memoir ever written? A young man who grew up in the post war years, a deeply conservative Britain of the 1950s, but who then embraced the forbidden fruits of the late 1960s and fell headlong into chaos, madness, spiritualism and rock and roll in the 1970s. He worked in the psychosis of Parks and Recreation, where he encountered violence, mayhem and death in various guises. He inadvertently toured with Rod Stewart and the Faces, he was put in a lunatic asylum, he accidentally started a riot in Harlem, and joined some of the weirdest and most bogus religions known to humanity. This is a story about the human mind at frontiers. It is also a real social history. And very funny.

More an exhumation than an autobiography and a book for anyone who has ever been young and reckless

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