Sergey Bolmat

What’s Mine

‘You two,’ the invisible man rasped from the darkness, ‘give me back what’s mine.’

A typical big city guy in over his head. He has one night to save his dysfunctional and rapidly disintegrating family from a deadly threat. His alienated wife has been kidnapped, his distant teenage daughter has disappeared. Without any idea why all this is happening to him, the accidental sleuth reluctantly embarks on a perilous journey through the dark city to find out what is going on and who is responsible for the unfolding disaster.

For any hope of success, the privileged philanderer must transform into a tenacious survivor and learn about the people who, after many years of living under the same roof, became completely alien to him. Grisly retribution, robbery, ruinous revelations, painful failures, and farcical blunders end in a savage climax. As the night wears on, dead bodies multiply and possibilities shrink. The only thing that is certain is that no life will be left untouched.

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