Solomon Hughes

Solomon Hughes has been one of Private Eye’s journalists since 1998. He has also written for the Sunday TimesGuardianObserver and Independent. He also writes a  weekly column for the Morning Star. He is the author of one work of non fiction,  “War on Terror, Inc.” published by Verso in 2008. this is his first thriller. He lives in Hampshire with his wife and two sons.

Oliver’s Army

It’s 2005 and Major Oliver Fitzwilliam has a problem. Running a private security firm in post-war Iraq is difficult enough, but he also has to contend with a lack of decent contracts or reliable staff. And that’s just the start. Two of his men have a sideline in drugs, prostitution and freelance murder in their bid to control Iraq’s Green Zone. Major Oliver thinks that hiring a Westminster lobbyist might help him win the big government security contract he needs, and he soon finds himself in the company of New Labour ministers and think tanks.Labour MP’s assistant Danny Patten knows how to find things out. He just has to find his roll ups first. And shake off his hangover. To achieve political glory and recognition, he is desperate to expose the illegal actions of security firms working in Iraq. Unfortunately, he has discovered some very bad things about some very bad people and all he has to defend himself is a lethal fancy dress costume.

Politics, war, drugs and crime clash as battle-lines are drawn from Westminster to Basra and Danny has to battle Oliver’s army.

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