Simon Neilson

Rogue Evacuation

All Kaleb McIntyre wants to do is go home to his wife and child, if they are still alive. The world is in turmoil, ravaged by famine, war, and now a pestilence which is destined to wipe us out. 

England and Scotland are at war, with London on lock-down. We’re all just prisoners of the system, gunshots shatter the night, curfew is hell, cabin fever and fear sour the paltry existence we have left. A mysterious man invades Kaleb’s life and he is plunged into a scheme where he faces the danger head on. He’s gone rogue, he has to. The powers in charge have left him scant choice. No one wants a Scot living in England, but leaving is forbidden.

Kaleb meets other survivors of the bomb. There is a secret which threatens to prevent him getting home. One solution can stop this nightmare, but also could have dire consequences not just for England but the entire human race.

In a world where infection reigns, surviving is the only hope we have left.

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