Teel James Glenn

Gaslight Magick

Would you go to hell to save the one you love? Baronet Athelstan Grey has to ask himself that as he fights his way across a very different North America in 1890, fighting demons, political assassins and his own fears, and even coming face to face with the Aztec god of death. In a world where magick from every culture clashes, he has only his keen wits and his feisty Aunt Minerva to keep him alive. Join him on this first thrilling adventure in the world of the Pendragon Empire.

An exciting action adventure set in Victorian times, where Aztec honour means everything and Mayan gods walk among us, when cosmopolitan wasn’t about creed but rather which power you served. Non-stop action with twists and turns makes this read riveting, explosive, and diabolical.

Gaslight Magick is set in the 1890s in a world equal parts Jules Verne technology and James Bond political intrigue. From the beginning with a zombie lord to the end with a murderous djinn, and the Aztec God of the dead, the story it is suffused with the intersecting magicks of many cultures – Merlin’s, Persian, Aztec and more.

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