Jean Rafferty and Myra, Beyond Saddleworth have been causing quite a storm in the press, including The GuardianThe Scottish SunThe Huffington Post and The Scottish Herald.  Jean also appeared on the Scotland Tonight television programme, discussing recent events with Ian Brady.

We knew, given the subject matter, that this title would be controversial, but it’s even surprising us!

Wild Wolf Publishing feels that it must whole-heartedly assure everyone that the publication of this book is not for sensational purposes or to glorify Brady or Hindley in any way. In fact, the author goes to great lengths to ensure that this is not the case. The book is simply a ‘what if’ scenario. There have been internet rumours of Hindley’s release for years and there is also the case of the Bulger killers being released under new identities. This book considers these possibilities in a fictional setting. We would just like to add that this book was not meant to cause any offence to the families of the victims and we apologise if any offence has been caused.