Tony Wright

Tony Wright was born in West Sussex, England. He runs his own Science-Fiction and Horror related internet Forum and administrates on other TWoTW related web forums. He also sometimes writes song lyrics for the experimental rock music project, ‘Playing With Pylons’ and likes nothing better than a good (or bad!) horror or Sci-Fi movie. Aftermath is his first novel. Tony now lives in the beautiful North East of England.

‘Tony Wright has written a story that expands on the great The War of the Worlds and entertains as much as it embraces Wells’ original spirit – without becoming maudlin or lapsing into simple plagiarism. A rare feat.’ ~ Charles Keller, The H.G. Wells Societies

The War of the Worlds: Aftermath

In the opening years of the 20th Century mankind faced its greatest war; The War of The Worlds. Now, a few months on, the Martian invaders are dead, slain by the earthly bacteria against which they had no defence. Then, as England begins to rebuild, terrorist outrages begin to rock society. A new adventure begins, as a daring plan is put into place to discover the source of these disruptions. For one survivor of The War of The Worlds, the horror is just beginning.