Vash Karuppa

Destiny for Love Arranged (Keshavam Connections Book 1)

All business-no-pleasure CEO of Hotel Empire, Keshavam Industries, Aariyan Ranjan, and successful Oncologist, Varini Iyengar, have known one another for sixteen years. When she last saw him Varini was left completely shattered as Aariyan walked away from their newfound love and out of her life. He was the first man she longed for, the first man she truly desired, and the first and only man she had ever loved. Aariyan had loved her back, but fuelled by uncontrollable demons he abandoned her, ending their love in devastating heartbreak.

In order to seal the deal of a lifetime Aariyan needs a wife. By entering into a temporary marriage, Aariyan gets a made-to-order wife to help him secure his deal, and Varini finds herself shacked up with the love of her life. Love has no place in a business deal, and no one should mix business and pleasure – the lines blur, giving them a one way ticket to a messy disaster.

This is a gripping and angsty romance, truly an amazing debut novel by this South African-Indian author. Five stars for sure! – Author Poppet

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Until A Day After Forever (Keshavam Connections Book 2)

Mahika Raj and Aruven Sriram had one thing in common: the marriage between her best friend, Samiksha and his brother, Theviyan. They haven’t spent much time together in the past, but their lives take a turn and become irrevocably entwined when tragedy strikes. An accident killing Samiksha and Theviyan leaves their four-year old daughter, Pravani, orphaned. Mahika and Aruven are forced to accept joint guardianship and live together for six months, knowing it’s the only way to ensure Pravani’s emotional well-being and help her cope with the sudden death of her parents.

Mahika and Aruven work hard to navigate through their newfound roles and form an unexpected bond. They are unconditionally supported by their family and circle of friends, not realising how, even in death, Theviyan and Samiksha ensured that these bonds are strengthened and treasured.

Although Mahika once vowed to keep her distance from Aruven, the sight of him with his orphaned niece melts her resolve. She can’t help but imagine a future together with Aruven and Pravani, especially as his steadfast beliefs on not wanting to marry and have a family slowly start to disintegrate. Just as this future feels within reach, her hopes and dreams are shattered by unforeseen circumstances.

Will Aruven and Mahika be able to overcome the challenges they face and build a new future as a real family together?

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With Their Love (Keshavam Connections Book 3)

She’s trying to escape her past. He’s offering her a future she craves. Can the power of family and friendship help them realise their happily ever after?

Kaiyen Vaswani and Saiesha Menon meet while attending a training programme. Through an unlikely friendship, they develop a strong bond, one they had no way of knowing would become incredibly important to them. However, although Kaiyen has hopes for a future together, Saiesha’s troubled past compels her to disappear without a goodbye.

Three years later, a strange twist of fate reunites them. While their jobs force them to work closely together during a criminal investigation, their personal lives become entwined through mutual friends.

Initially angry over her abandonment, Kaiyen finds himself unable to get her out of his head and accepts she’s everything he wasn’t looking for. Whilst Saiesha is determined to keep him at an emotionally safe distance, Kaiyen remains steadfast in his path to rekindle what they shared and show her all the reasons they’re meant to be together.

Just when they believe they have a future together, old and new enemies strike. Kaiyen unearths a secret Saiesha’s been hiding, one which could tear them apart and completely destroy their lives. Will this rock the foundation of their love and end it all or will they be given their chance of a happily ever after?

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